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MNC Weekly #69

Tournament Information

  • Free Entry: 1500 yen (Around 14 USD) (only when more than 64 duelists participate)
  • Every Friday 22:00 (10 PM JST) / 8:00 am est
  • Organizer: Xanxus
  • How to join: Discord
  • 1 deck, bo3, 7 Side Deck
  • All information obtained from Duel Links Union

If you find an error in the translation, contact us

Full Decktype Breakdown

Top 4 Decklists – Prize Support: 14 USD

1st Place – KBT (Access to the CCS)

2nd Place – kama3

3rd/4th – Inosuke

3rd/4th – Mii-Kun

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