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Land of the Deities: Grand Prize #1

Tournament Information

  • Free Entry
  • How to join: Discord
  • 5 Round Swiss then Single Elimination.
  • 64 players maximum.
  • Best of 3 Duels.
  • 1 deck, 7 cards in the side deck (You can also have 6 cards and a skill).
  • You cannot use cards or skills from your side, on your first duel.
  • After siding, the size of your deck must be the same.
  • Banlist: Only the actual in-game banlist is applied.
  • Prize: 10€

Grand Prize Swiss Round

Top 16 Decktype Breakdown

Top 4 Decklists: Prize Support 10€

1st Place – Lawliet

2nd Place – Zeu

3th/4to – Requiem

3th/4to – FlashFardin

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