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Anytime Arena Tournament #4

Tournament Information

☑️ Prize: 2 Points + $1 USD
☑️ 4 Players
☑️ Join to Discord
☑️ 1 deck + 7 Sideck
☑️ Banlist Konami
☑️ Mod GnC

How can I participate?

☑️ It can be done at any time, you just have to join 4 duelists and participate in a mini tournament between them, call a moderator and he will organize it.

What are DLL points for?

☑️ Accumulating the DLL points helps you to exchange it for good prizes, you can see the list here

Champion Decklist – Prize 2 DLL Points + $1 USD

🥇 1st Place – HaiseGoesMad

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