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Latam Wars Season 2 – Rules

1. Team Requirements

  • Minimum 7, max 15 players.
  • 1 leader
  • 1 coach
  • You can have non active players but they cant play.
  • Each player must submit his id.

2. Format

  • 5v5 (2 Decks each player)
  • You can submit 5 players and 1 sub
  • Sub player can be used in any moment to switch between one of the original lineup (the player must have both decks unused)
  • Each player must submit 2 different decks
  • Must be different archetype (You cant play harpies + harpies)
  • Want submit the same archetype need play same list
  • Both teams must declare the player that will start the war (starter)
  • Each game is a one-versus-one game where the loser will have their deck eliminated. The winner must continue with their winning deck until it is eliminated. The loser must either switch to their second declared deck or repeat their first deck.
  • Once a player has lost two duels the player is eliminated from the match. The team must then choose to send the next player

3. Time Rules

  • At the start of the war you have 12 min of tolerance, after that 12min if u dont start the war u lose by DQ.
  • After 3min you will lose 1 deck, 6min you will start with 4 players only, 9min with 3 game loss, and 12 you lose the game.
  • Between duels u have 3min to change to ur next deck, for each minute u take more for it u will get warnings.

4. Repeat Rules

  • If a player loses the first duel played (0-1), then that player is permitted to repeat the first deck if there are team repeats available.
  • Each team is assigned two repeats, and therefore, can repeat 2 decks in total.
  • If the player chooses to repeat, the repeated deck will replace the player’s second deck.
  • Repeats must be declared by teams in the match channel, and the team must announce the repeat before entering the duel. Failure to do so will result in a game-loss.

5. Warnings (Updated)

For every action you take that is against the rules, the judges can apply a strike (Accumulating 3 strikes is the reason for a penalty) There are also direct penalties, it depends a lot on the case to be dealt with during the war.

  • The time to change from one deck to another is a maximum of 3 minutes or you will receive 1 Strike. From here, for every minute of delay, you will accumulate more strikes. The team that accumulates 3 strikes will be penalized with -1 life.
  • Players must use a name that is clearly recognizable to their in-discord names/alias when entering the Duel Room. Failure to do so will result in a 1 strike.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior towards the opposition will result in ejection from the game and/or suspension from the league.
  • Abuse towards the Referees will result in ejection from the game and suspension from the league.

6. Special Cases (Updated)

  • A match that results in a tie (Example Evil Eye effect damage), will be counted as a loss for both teams. If a tie occurs during a final match (9 to 9 example), they will have to repeat again until 1 wins.

  • If 2 clans do not reach an agreement between Tuesday and Friday to agree on a time of war, the Judge in charge will designate an intermediate time between the options that both clans have shown.
  • If a player leaves the server for any reason, they will have to wait until Monday, the day the team transfers are made. By losing his role, he loses the right to legally play that week’s versus. If you play and the opposing team detects it, your clan will be penalized (The staff will assess the penalty).

  • At the end of a war, the team leader must fill out the report card, preferably now or up to 8 hours later. If you do not send it within that period, your result will be reversed as a penalty.
  • 7. Bug and DC

    • If a glitch occurs, both players must describe what their game client is experiencing, optimally, including screenshots and or video replays as part of their supporting evidence.
    • Disconnection case: the disconnecting player will receive a game loss, unless u can proof was a ingame bug.

    8. Cheat

    • If anyone is got caught with any way of cheat, the team will lose that game, and the player will be banned for any DUEL LINKS LATAM event in the next 3 months.
    • Case 1: If someone get caught with any card that he dont submit in his decklist
    • Case 2: If someone get caught playing under another nick

    9. Duel Room

    • Duel Rooms will be created on part of a Latam Wars Referee.

    10. Banlist

    • The banlist will apply when is released unless there is some match going on.

    11. Register Team and Decks

    • Each team has a private channel on Latam Wars Discord, which is especially useful for registering decks and equipment.
    • Remember that there are 2 decks per player, a total of 12 registered decks (5 players + 1 substitute). In case the team does not want to go with a substitute, no problem, it does not register it.

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