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TRC -Tanmatsu Resort Cup

Tournament Information

☑️ Prize: 1st Place 1500 yenes (Around $14 USD)
☑️ Saturday 22:00 JST / 10:00 AM EST
☑️ Not every week, It’s irregular
☑️ Organizer Zelda
☑️ Join to Discord
☑️ Deck Freedom
☑️ All información obtained from Duel Links Union*

*We are sharing this information so that all duelists can see a variety of decks in the competitive world of Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links, we do not do it with bad intentions or make money. We invite you to see the Duel Links Union page and the Discord or Twitter of each organizer, they do an incredible job for the game and for everyone.

Top 4 Decklists – Prize $14 USD

🥇 1st Place – インスタントバレット

🥈 2nd Place – Rhaaa

Top 4 – Hector ヘクター

Top 4 – Yukhoe ゆっけ

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