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Latam Wars Rules

Latam Wars is a league organized by LatamYGO. We invited 32 teams around the world to participate.

☑️ Teams: 15 Players (Mininum 8)
☑️ Entry Fee: $60 USD
☑️ Format: 5 players with 2 deck each
☑️ Prize Pool: $1200 USD
☑️ Join to Discord LatamYGO

1. League Structure

1.1. Pay the fee with Paypal

USA: The fee is $60 USD, use «Friends and Family» and there should be no fees.
Others: If you are NOT in the USA (or if you encounter fees), please pay $64 to cover PayPal fees.

1.2. LW Phase Overviews

Regular season: This phase consists of 32 teams, placed in 4 divisions of 8 teams, which will compete for 7 weeks to qualify for the playoffs. The team that achieves the first place in its division will win a free round in the Playoffs. A full schedule of dates and matches can be found at Discord LatamYGO

Playoffs: This phase consists of a tournament between the 3 best teams in each division (a total of 12 qualified teams).

1.3. Prize Pool

In the next image you will be able to see all the distribution of prizes for the Top 4 of Latam Wars. The payment for the staff (Administrator, Referees, Designer and Video artist) is also considered.

2. League Structure

  • 5v5 (2 Decks each player). You can submit 5 players and 1 sub. Sub-player can be used at any moment to replace between one of the original lineup (You must submit decks for the sub as well before the match, along with decks of players from the lineup)
  • Each game is a one-versus-one game where the loser will have their deck eliminated. The winner must continue with their winning deck until it is eliminated. The loser must either switch to their second declared deck or repeat their first deck. During the entire war a team can only repeat up to 2 times.
  • Once a player has lost two duels the player is eliminated from the match. The team must then choose to send the next player. The first team to defeat all the players will win the war.

3. Deck Submission

  • Each team must submit 2 decks for each player with different archetypes. For Example: A player can use Invoked Neos and Invoked Elementsabers as 2 a combination of decks (Since it’s considered as an engine). Similarly a player cannot use D/D/D with Command of the Doomed King and D/D/D with Beatdown as a combination of decks.
  • Failure to fulfil the 2 different archetype rule (once the war has been started) will lead to the player whose combination is not legal having only 1 deck submitted for that particular match. Also, a strike will be issued to the team. It’s the team leader or co-leader responsibility to notice it and make necessary changes.
  • Teams must submit decks and declare starter and subs at most 10 minutes before war time. Punishments will be applied in the time served and then every 3 minutes.

    – First time: 1 strike
    – Second time: 2 strike
    – Third time: A loss will be issued to two decks.
  • Deck submission or changes after war has started will not be considered valid by the referee. If at wartime less than 3 players decks have been submitted, the team’s opponent will receive a win by disqualifiquation.
  • A team not declaring a starter will receive a strike.
  • A team not declaring a sub will see themselves receive a deck loss by the Referee (if 12 decks have been submitted). Also, the team will receive a strike.

4. Time Rules

The war begins promptly at the agreed time. First player of the war has 3 minutes to get on table. If player is unable to make it, he will lose 1 deck. After 6 minutes, if the player isn’t on table yet, he will loose his second deck (0-2). Same applies for next player. If after 12 minutes the opposing team does not appear, it loses by DQ. Winning by DQ is getting +5 points on the table (5-0)

4.1. Timekeeping 🆕

  • Each team is permitted a 15-minute timer throughout a full match.
  • The 15-minute timer begins at the start time of the match.
  • The timer is paused for both teams only when both players are playing.
  • The timer runs continuously during down-times between rounds.
  • The timer start will be adjusted as per the Referee’s discretion (Example in case of claim, ID verification or game screenshot)
  • A team exceeding the 15-minutes timer will be dealt a game-loss/deck-loss. Then, a new timer of 3 minutes will be issued to that team.
  • Delays extending longer than the 3-minute timer will result in an additional game loss. This step will be repeated as necessary.

5. Repeats

  • Repeats can be granted ONLY if a player has a registered record of 0-1 (1 game loss and no game wins).
  • Each teams is granted the right to repeat a deck only two times per war.
  • Failure to declare a repeat will lead the game to be a considered as a loss and a strike will be given to that particular team.
  • If after declaring a repeat the player fails to use the declared repeated deck, this player will be sanctioned of a game loss and the team will receive a strike.
  • Repeats must be declared by teams in the match channel.

6. Transfers Rules

  • When a player is transferred out or kicked from a team, that player cannot be transferred in again into that particular team.
  • On transferring in a new player to a team, submission of Player’s Duelist ID is mandatory else transfer will not be performed.
  • The weekly transfer deadline is on Monday at 11.00 pm EST. Any transfers performed prior to this particular time will make player transferred available the next week.
  • Each team are entitled a maximum of 5 transfers per week.
  • A player transferred into a complete roster of 15 players will be considered as invalid due to lack of space in team roster.
  • A player moved from a Player position to a Non-player position will be confirmed and given non-player role the next week prior to the given weekly transfer deadline.
  • No transfers (Roster, team role and player position changes) can be performed during Play-Offs.

7. ID Rules

  • Each player is entitled the right to use only 1 ID at a time
  • A player can change his submitted Duelist ID at any time in the season prior to Play-Offs. A player changing submitted ID will see his new duelist ID available for use the next week prior to weekly transfer deadline.
  • Duelist IDs cannot be changed during Play-Offs season.
  • A player found using the wrong duelist ID by a Referee or another player (supported with valid proofs from the another player), will be given a 0-2 record and will see all it’s previous win(s) being invalidated if that particular offense is discovered later in/after the match. The opponent player will then be given a 2-0 win record. The offender will be given a punishment decided by the management of Latam Wars.
  • A player cannot have the exact same Duelist ID as another team mate or another player in the league. In case of fraudulent account sharing, investigations will be carried out by Latam Wars administration.

8. Additional rules

  • Incorrect main deck size will lead to the game considered as a loss and the team will receive 1 strike.
  • In case of a team player leaving the discord, that team must re-issue a transfer request for the player to receive the team role back and the latter will be available only the week after (Unless a valid reason is provided to the administration staff). If the player who left was a leader, one of the co-leaders will concurrently be considered as the new team leader. If player who left the discord is detected playing by a staff member or opposing team, your clan will be penalized (The staff will assess the penalty).
  • A Referee’s decision MUST be respected by a team/player. Appeals can be made towards the Head Referee or the Latam Wars Manager during/after war time.
  • Any kind of wordings used towards a staff/player that is considered as offensive, racist, disrespectful, harrassing or insultive will be condemned by the administration, resulting in ejection from the game and/or suspension from the league.
  • Using a completely wrong deck or cards: Unfortunately it’s a serious mistake and the automatic defeat of said wrong deck. (If in case this wrong deck had many wins, they will all be nullified). In the case that a player is found to be using unregistered cards, the registered decks will be forfeited and a severe penalty will be applied to the player. The staff will investigate the case in more detail and make a resolution that will be given as soon as possible.
  • The team that accumulates 3 strikes will be penalized with the loss of 1 deck. Strikes are cumulative during the regular season.
  • Players must have the same or at least similar discord and name in the game. Failure to do so will result in 1 strike for the offending team.
  • The substitute player’s decks must also be recorded. If you use a substitute player without prior registration of decks, you will automatically lose your 2 decks.

9. Special Cases

  • A match that results in a tie (Example of damage caused by the effect of the evil eye), will be counted as a loss for both teams. If there is a tie during a final match (example 9 to 9), they must be repeated again until 1 wins.
  • If 2 clans do not reach an agreement between Monday and Thursday to agree on a time of war, the referee in charge will designate an intermediate time between the options that both clans have shown. The decision is unobjectionable.
  • If a bug occurs in the game, both players must show what is happening with screenshots or video replays as part of the supporting evidence.
  • Disconnection case: The player who disconnects will receive a game loss unless he can prove that it was a bug in the game.

10. Duel Room

  • Referee in charge must create a duel room according to the war situation.
  • If the war is not going to be streamed, then the duel room will be created for 15-20 players. Spectate will be allow.
  • If the war is going to be streamed, then the duel room will be created for 5 players only (2 players + 1 referee + 1 streamer). If too many spectators are detected during the war, the referee in charge can make a new duel room.

11. Banlist

The banlist will apply as soon as Konami publishes it in the game. If the ban list was announced on the same day of an agreed war, it will apply until the next week.

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