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Top 100 Decklist KC Cup: April 2022 – Top 11-20


These are the decks used by the Duelists ranked in the Top 100 world rankings at the KC Cup in April 2022. All information was obtained from each player’s Twitter.

LatamYGO Rewards

🌟 Top 10 Global – 50 Latam Points
🪙 Top 100 Global – 25 Latam Points
🪙 Top 10 Latam – 20 Latam Points
🪙 KC Cup Final Score – 5 Latam Points

Post your proof in LatamYGO Discord. What could you claim with your Latam Points? Free Cash, find out what Latam Points is.

KCC Global Rank 11-20

Global Rank 11Haru

Global Rank 12Kanikabuto

Global Rank 13 – 〜爽〜

Global Rank 14 – メンヘラmasa

Global Rank 15Kanzawa

Global Rank 16 – ENP 蓝与白

Global Rank 17 – pyoolinks

Global Rank 18Wemc

Global Rank 19ABG Deepsea

Global Rank 20Takobuncho

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