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Invasion of Chaos Rules

5v5 battles at the same time with Deck + Side Deck format between the best players of Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links! worldwide. Welcome to Invasion…. to Invasion of Chaos!

☑️ Format: 1 Deck + 8 Side Deck (5 vs 5 same time)
☑️ Prize Pool; $600 USD
☑️ Season May 2023 – August 2023
☑️ Join to LatamYGO Discord

1. League Structure

1.1. Pay the fee with Paypal

The fee is $24 USD. This payment already includes PayPal Transaction Fee.

1.2. Overview

Regular season: It consists of 32 teams in a single division, swiss rounds format, 10 rounds. The top 10 teams after the regular season will enter the playoffs. Two remaining teams will enter the playoffs through the Last Chance Qualifier.

1.3.Last Chance Qualifer:

Eligible teams: Teams ranked 11th-18th after the end of the regular season.
Single elimination, 5v5, Best-of-3 matches with side deck. Best-of-1 round. The top 2 teams qualify for playoffs. No finals.
The deck submission and line up can be changed through the rounds.
The staff will decide time and date LCQ will take place.


Top 12 teams (10 direct classified + 2 LCQ finalist) will fight for the Championship. From 1st to the 4th classified will go straight to Top 8. Semifinals and The Grand Finals will take place on a single day, decided by the staff in cordination with the top 4 teams.

In case more than 40 teams join the competition, teams from 11th-22th will fight in the LCQ, also, teams 11th-14th will be given a bye round for the LCQ.

1.5.The last man standing:

This format will only be applied to the semifinals and finals.

  • You must immediately (within 5 minutes) pair up with any opposing Clan Member that has won their match after you won yours. Neither clan chooses the match-ups for the follow-up matches.
  • If more than 1 opposing clan member is available for a follow-up match, you pair based on player order: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5. There is no discussion/planning with follow-up matches in LCQ rounds.
  • Any suspected manipulation for follow-up matches will be punished:
    • Delaying your results.
    • Not communicating to try to force a temporary favorable match-up.
  • Ping the opposing available clan member and they will be punished if they do not respond within 5 minutes.

1.3. Prize Pool

In the next image you will be able to see all the distribution of prizes for the Top 2 + MVP Regular Season. The payment for the staff (Administrator, Referees, Designer and Video artist) is also considered.

2. War Format

  • Player line-up: 5 players + 1 optional sub player.
  • Best of 3 rounds with 5v5 dueling. Best of 3 matches in each round.
  • Each player is locked into 1 deck with an optional 8-card/skill side deck that is submitted before the war.
  • A team wins if it defeats the other in 2 rounds. In case of winning round 1 and losing round 2, the third round will define the winner of the war.

3. Playing the war

  • Only the referee can create a room. In case that there is no referee available to create the room, you can ping the main referee and wait for their response. The Duel Room must be created with the following rules:
    • Room name has the format “CGL vs SC”.
    • Casual rules.
    • Room capacity = 15.
    • No entry conditions.
    • Normal regulation settings.
    • Recruit Members/Spectators = OFF.
    • Spectate/View Replays = ON.
    • Duel Timer = 180
  • Each team sends its lineup of players. This is the roster you sent to your clan channel beforehand.
  • Non-players are not allowed to join the room (including subs), and spectating is not allowed. Only the official streamer(s) and non-clan moderators may join and spectate
  • After the first round is concluded, the losing clan can now “counter-pick” for round 2. The winning clan keeps the same player line-up while the other clan is free to change the order and swap one player with their sub player. 
  • The counter-picking team pings in the war channel writing the lineup to start round 2.
  • A team wins if it defeats the other in 2 rounds. In case of winning round 1 and losing round 2, the third round will define the winner of the war.

3. Deck Submission

  • You must register the decks + side deck in your team channel. In total there are 6 decks (5 main players + 1 sub)
  • There is no restriction for the type of archetype, character or skill. Everything is free, you can play 5 orcust for example.
  • Teams must submit decks at most 10 minutes before war time. Punishments will be applied in the time served and then every 2 minutes.
  • Submit full decklists, Duelist IDs (for each player) and player line-up to your respective clan channel in the Discord server. Do not edit your submissions. In case of a change, re-submit your decks and only the last submission will be used.
  • A team that doesn’t declare its «counter-pick» lineup in the war channel will have a strike.

4. Time Rules

  • Once the war has started, the teams will have 5 minutes to get to their tables. The penalties will arrive after time, the player who is not there will lose 1 duel. You will then have 5 minutes to use the side deck. After that time, you will lose the match.
  • 10 minutes to sends counter lineup then start round 2 or 3 after the previous round ends.
  • Up to 5 minutes late with player line-ups (after the initial 10 minutes) = game loss to and a reminder ping towards the team.
  • Over 5 minutes late (after a reminder ping) = match loss.
  • Over 10 minutes = round loss.
  • The referee can stop time if he seems it necessary, either to resolve a problem or to deck check.

6. Transfers

  • A member cannot re-join a team they left or were kicked from.
  • The weekly transfer deadline is on Monday at 11.00 pm EST. Any transfers performed prior to this particular time will make player transferred available the next week.
  • Each team are entitled a maximum of 5 transfers per week.
  • A player transferred into a complete roster of 15 players will be considered as invalid due to lack of space in team roster.
  • A player moved from a Player position to a Non-player position will be confirmed and given non-player role the next week prior to the given weekly transfer deadline.
  • A maximum of 3 non-players can be holded by team (including the team leader and co-leaders).
  • No transfers (Roster, team role and player position changes) can be performed during Play-Offs.
  • A player who already has a team can only be removed/transferred 2 times until the end of the competition. If you are a player without a team, the same applies.

7. ID Game

  • Each player has the right to use the ID they want. There is no registration in this competition, it’s free.
  • There is one exception to this, you cannot lend your ID during a war. That is, if you played the first round, your team loses, you use the sub-player, you cannot lend your ID. The referee will look at the record and if he detects that this ID has already been used in the war, the player will be removed and will lose (R2 and R3).

8. Penalties

  • Incorrect main deck size will lead to the game considered as a loss and the team will receive 1 strike.
  • A Referee’s decision MUST be respected by a team/player. Appeals can be made towards the Head Referee or Manager during/after war time.
  • Any kind of wordings used towards a staff/player that is considered as offensive, racist, disrespectful, harrassing or insultive will be condemned by the administration, resulting in ejection from the game and/or suspension from the league.
  • Using a completely wrong deck or cards: Unfortunately it’s a serious mistake and the automatic defeat of said wrong deck. (If in case this wrong deck had many wins, they will all be nullified). In the case that a player is found to be using unregistered cards, the registered decks will be forfeited and a severe penalty will be applied to the player. The staff will investigate the case in more detail and make a resolution that will be given as soon as possible.
  • The team that accumulates 3 strikes will be penalized with 1 deck loss.
  • Players must have the same or at least similar discord and name in the game. Failure to do so will result in 1 strike for this team.
  • The sub-player decks must also be recorded. If you use a sub-player without deck registration, he will lose his deck in all the rounds he will participate.

9. Special Cases

  • A match that results in a tie (Example of damage caused by the effect of the evil eye), will be counted as a loss for both teams.
  • If 2 teams do not reach an agreement between Monday and Thursday to agree on a time of war, the referee in charge will designate an intermediate time between the options that both clans have shown. The decision is unobjectionable.
  • If a bug occurs in the game, both players must show what is happening with screenshots or video replays as part of the supporting evidence.
  • Disconnection case: The player who disconnects will receive a game loss unless he can prove that it was a bug in the game.

10. Banlist

The banlist will apply as soon as Konami publishes it in the game. If the ban list was announced on the same day of an agreed war, it will apply until the next week.

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