Twitch Suscribers

The LatamYGO staff will have Live Stream on Twitch with daily tournaments for the everyone entertainment. But we also need your help, subscribe to our Twitch, this will help us grow and organize bigger prize tournaments in the future.

Twitch LatamYGO:

Twitch Benefits

  • Access to the channel in Discord for Subscribers
  • Special tournament for Twitch subscribers.
  • Access to Latam Points, more information in Latam Points
  • Extra points (TOP 8) in the Latin Master Cup

Top Viewers

  • We will give away subscription to our best viewers every month.
  • Invitation during Live Stream to participate in Money Match with prize of $1, $3 and $5 USD.

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Donate Here!

If you want to donate smaller or larger cash money, you have to go to the next link:

LatamYGO Donation

Your donation will help us organize more Duel Links and Master Duel tournaments. Thanks for the support

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